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As many of my friends know I am a gaming enthusiast and one of my favorite tabletop games of all time is Munchkin. I have very fond memories of play this around the table with my fellow Gutter Lords in Maryland. We had many fun hours helping… mostly backstabbing each other in the quest to reach level 10 first!

Recently another good friend of mine decided to become a SJG (Steve Jackson Games) MiB (Men in Black). The job of the MiB is to support the local gaming store by demoing and holding tournaments of all the SJG products. Needles to say I am now know as… dun dun daaaahn! Agent 5267.

So this page will be dedicated to the many adventure I have demoing SJG games. So if you are in South Florida and wish to request a demo you can contact me at

Please check out my youtube channel for MiB Demos for my upcoming demo and locations.

For more information on Steve Jackson Games please visit their website. If you are interested in purchasing some of their awesome games visit the Warehouse 23 store!


Please check on my first video in my new series “Reveal & Rules”, This allows me to show you what is in the box, how to setup the game, and the basic rules. I hope you enjoy! If you do please subscribe and leave a like!

Wil Wheaton’s TableTop – Munchkin


Chez Geek

Wil Wheaton’s TableTop – Chez Geek